Sales Persons Dream

SalesPersons Dream Contact Manager

The Ultimate Contact Manager for busy SalesPeople in any industry.

Start with your Today’s Calls List, give the phone a shake and it will dial your most important lead and then drop you off to the Contact Manager notes page so you can summarize your call and recategorize it as well as set the next followup date.

Add the Sales Prospect to preset email series (autoresponders) to follow up automatically on YOUR defined preset time schedule for months or even years all at the same time.

Eliminates Phone Book Bloat!

With the SalesPersons Dream Contact Manager you never need to add a “Prospect” to your SmartPhone phone book again.  Keep prospects where they belong.  NOT in your SmartPhone contacts listing, but easily accessible from the SalesPersons Dream Contact Manager should you need them!

When you are ready for them to be in your Smart Phone Phonebook, simply click the “Add” button.

Internet Back End Adds even MORE power

Do you need even more power than simply a contact manager?  SalesPersons Dream is simple to use, extremely powerful, and comes with a complete Internet based back office for even more power and features like a complete internet based Sales Funnel for generating new leads!

You can do all your configuration and set up ONLINE in a real browser to keep your frustration low, then hit the road, or dial for dollars on your smart phone using the SalesPersonsDream contact manager.