Welcome to OurMobileApps.com

OurMobileApps.com helps your company capitalise on the growth in the Mobile Application, Smartphone Application, Iphone Application, and Android Application marketplaces like iTunes by Apple, Microsoft Mobile Marketplace by Microsoft, Blackberry App World by Blackberry, Android Market by Google.

OurMobileApps.com Mobile Application Development Advantages

  1. OurMobileApps.com also develops its own Mobile Applications so is actively involved in not only Mobile application development, but skilled in the marketing and promotion of a Mobile Application.  As a result we have vast Code Libraries that speed production of your desired Mobile Application keeping your development costs much lower than less Vertically Integrated companies, as well as we are able to off you advice and consulting on how to get your application to market.

  2. As a result of our 12 years of experience in the Non Mobile Application Development world, OurMobileApps.com already has an entire Membership Tracking, E-commerce, Recurring billing engine, and Affiliate program software back end available to license in a partnership method to keep your costs down, or a full blown source code sale should you prefer.  This backend has taken 12 years and over 5 million USD to develop.  This give OMA’s Mobile Application Development clients an incredible advantage in the Mobile Apps Marketplace in place.

Thats over $5,000,000 and 12 years of experience just waiting to have your Mobile Application developed to sit on top of it if required saving you months if not years in your development cycle and untold millions in development costs.

This can easily bring the overall cost to market for your Mobile Application to be even cheaper that struggling with offshore outsourcing and the risk and headaches that come with it.

Most of the Mobile Application marketplaces split 70% of the sale with the developers, and keep the other 30% for themselves, our Subscription based engine allows OUR Clients to keep 100% of the ongoing subscriptions, only giving up 30% on the initial application sale.

There is also a case to be made to give the initial application away for free with a 30 day trial, then charge the subscription 100% on the OMA Recurring Billing Engine saving YOU the 30% that would have gone to the Marketplace of your choice.

You can see our back end in action with our First Major Smartphone Application we call Salespersons Dream Contact Manager.