MLM Contact List Creator

MLM Contact List Creator

MLM Contact List Creator

MLM Contact List Creator

MLM Contact List Creator or MLM Contact List Builder is the Ultimate MLM mobile app to ensure you AND your teams your success.

This mobile phone application is a Internet Based application, you will be sending your data to a third party Secure Cloud server keeping it safely backed up, and it will never be sold or reused in anyway.

We all know the number one thing you need to do when you begin MLM or Network Marketing is the all important warm market MLM Contact list.

You know the drill, even if you are not interested in calling a person, the key is to write them down so it can trigger your brain to release others whom you may decide to contact after running our MLM Contact List Creator proprietary algorithm for ranking.

MLM Contact List Creator is just the mobile application for you.

MLM Contact List Builder starts by jogging your memory to get you a maximum contact list, most people who treat this Mobile Application seriously generate at least 150 potential contacts!

You will then “Rank” your list to see if they even make your top 30 contact list.  This is a simple process of answering some questions on each contact and letting our proprietary algorithm take over from there.

The MLM Contact List Creators proprietary algorithm will generate your Top 30 based on our proprietary criteria from all your contacts who are most likely to be interested in your Home Based Business.

Once MLM List Creator has had the ranking step completed, you can have the to 30 MLM Contacts list transmitted to your Upline for their assistance, and to yourself to begin working on your MLM or Network Marketing Future!

The MLM warm market Contact List is widely considered the single biggest difference between those who go on to make a LOT of money in MLM, and those who quietly leave the MLM industry full of excuses on why it didn’t work for them.

Now, when it comes to your MLM Warm Market Contact List, we can all say, “Theres an App for that!”

Android app on Google Play       


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