Phone Silencer

Phone Silencer

Tired of being woken up in the middle of the night for unwanted phone calls or text messages?

Do you travel a lot so different time zones make this an even bigger problem?

Scared to put your phone on silent as there are a few friends, family, or customers that you do need to know can get through to wake you up in case of an emergency?

Are you an MLM or Network Marketing leader and you want to take a break, but there are a select few important members you still want to take calls from should they call?

Phone Silencer has you covered.

Simply add to a whitelist the numbers you want to break through your silent mode, and the App does the rest.

Enable it before you sleep, and nobody not on your whitelist will get through with a phone call or text.

Disable it in the morning and your phone goes back to whatever setting you have.

 Android app on Google Play

iPhone Version coming Shortly!

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