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Why OurMobileApps.com for your Mobile Application?

OurMobileApps.com will help its clients capitalise on the growth in the Mobile Application, Smartphone Application, Iphone Application, and Android Application marketplaces launched or being launched like iTunes by Apple, Microsoft Mobile Marketplace by Microsoft, Blackberry App World by Blackberry, Android Market by Google, and any future Mobile Marketplaces that gain critical mass. 

Mobile Application Minimum Budget?

Our Minimum Application Development budget is $5000, yet due to our extensive experience and existing mobile application code libraries we can create extensive value within that minimum budget by leveraging our existing mobile app code base for your Mobile Application.

SmartPhone Games Development or Mobile Application Games Development

Need a Standalone Mobile Application Game?  Are you planning a  Multi Player Smartphone game?  Our existing infrastructure we can allow you to share in or license outright can shave months or even years off your development cycle and save you a small fortune in cost to market.

Database Driven Mobile Application Projects

For any Membership driven or Multi-Player game type SmartPhone applications requiring a Database backend, OurMobilelarger Database Driven Mobile Application projects where a Client is possibly seeking to track Membership/User data and potentially upsell, or even sell a subscription back end to a free backend, OMA has the infrastructure already available and it can work with clients on a shared basis, or an outright source code license to a $5,000,000 backend shaving months or even YEARS off the development cycle of your Complex Mobile Application.

OMA can build your Mobile Application to work with an existing backend, utilize our backend, or be self contained on the mobile device of your choice.

OurMobileApps.com and Mobile Applications

By continuing to develop our own In House Mobile applications for the mobile app marketplace under the OurMobileApps.com brand, we maintain our cutting edge understanding of the fast changing mobile development marketplace and YOU our client benefit from the experience and re-usable code base we continuosly build.

Mobile Websites, Mobile Apps, SmartPhone Apps, Iphone Apps, Android Apps, Microsoft Mobile Apps, and even BlackBerry Apps, OurMobileApps.com has you covered.





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