The Team

The team consists of some very seasoned core members.

Rick Jewson

Head Systems Architect and Database Specialist

Rick has been involved in the Computer Software industry since 1978.  This was the time of his 1st commercial job, but had his first computer and started programming 2 years before that.

Rick then spent 4 years as the Chief IT Manager of a 50 million dollar a year international company called N/A/T/O international.  It is at this International company where working jointly on a new IT project he met Dennis Wilson.

Now with over 30 years in the Software industry and currently the CTO in Consulting Ltd., he is proud to take the IT lead in Consulting Ltd. is currently in its 12th year, and Rick has led development efforts in both the E-commerce Affiliate software platform as well as the precursor to SalesPersonsDream.

Dennis Wilson

Sales and Client Needs Translation Specialist

Dennis Wilson has been involved in some form of business since he was 11 years old.  His first official company was started in 1992, and sold in 1997.

In 1997 Dennis entered into the Internet world by learning and selling Search engine optimization services both in North America and Japan. Dennis is Fluent in Japanese both lingual and culturally.

He still uses these skills daily today and intends to utilize them even further in

Dennis met Rick through working on the N/A/T/O IT project.

Dennis was then the project manager of an IT project that went on to do over $380,000,000 in sales over 4 years where he sought yet again Rick’s expertise to ensure this projects success.

Dennis and Rick Joined up to form and have now spent over $5,000,000 developing an E-commerce platform complete with Sales Funnel System.

The intent is to capitalize with these Software Platforms to give the company a HUGE head start in the mobile application marketplace.

Clayton Low

HTML 5, Android Specialist, and Customer Care Specialist

5+ years experience in HTML and extensive Customer Care experience in a high volume massive Internet Based E-commerce system handling client needs, testing, and overall UI design.  2 years Android application experience.

Ryuhei Hagiwara

Iphone Specialist